Why ParentCoach?

By leveraging on communication technologies, ParentCoach Singapore makes professional parenting consultations easily accessible.

ParentCoach incorporates theories, concepts and strategies from various faculties in psychology, counselling and research-based parenting programmes.

Leverage on technology and access ParentCoach services on your mobile phone from anywhere in the world. (Data / Wifi connection required)

Choose from multiple time slots available in the mornings, afternoons or evenings. Or sign-up for Email Contact Coaching and access consultation at any time.

An online medium of communication adds an extra layer of confidentiality, whilst still maintaining the needed personal touch in coaching consultation.


- Connecting | Educating | Empowering -
Info Blog

Informative articles & snippets covering general concepts, strategies and the common hiccups in parenting life

Live Chat Q&A

Free Question & Answer service with the Parent Coach in the public chat room 11pm Saturday nights Singapore time

Email Contact Coaching

Personalized coaching via structured content delivered by email
( ECC ) Per Consult – $29

Voice & Remote Meeting

Personalized 1-to-1 coaching through VOIP or phone with desktop visuals
( VRM ) Per Session – $59

How does it work?

Four parts to each ParentCoach consultation ( ECC & VRM )
Part 1
Part 1
Assessments & Updates
Information from parents – Providing thorough and accurate information about your child (and family) will contribute to an accurate analysis and the formulation of precise strategies. You are encouraged to be honest and clear during this assessment segment.
Part 2
Part 2
Identification & Discovery
Analyses and information from coach – A mindmap of your child will be created highlighting his/her developmental needs, underlying contributory factors and other probable influences. This segment will help you to discover your child from a different perspective.
Part 3
Part 3
Planning & Preparation
Guidance from coach – A plan of action will be crafted targeting the underlying factors as well as the observable behaviours. A baseline will be drawn, and the desired target levels will be mapped out. You will be guided through the action plan and coached on implementing the tracking process.
Part 4
Part 4
Action & Tracking
Homework for parents – You will apply the action plan, monitor and track the progress of your child. Records of the ups and downs is crucial to the fine tuning of the intervention strategy in follow-up sessions with the Parent Coach. The change starts with you.

Parent Coaching Packages

Follow-up Sessions | Flexibility of Choice | Discounted Prices




  • (4x) Voice & Remote Meeting
  • ---
  • Standard Price - $ 236
  • Package Price - $ 189
  • SAVE - $ 47
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3 VRM + 1 ECC


  • (3x) Voice & Remote Meeting
  • (1x) Email Contact Coaching
  • Standard Price - $ 206
  • Package Price - $ 169
  • SAVE - $ 37
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2 VRM + 2 ECC


  • (2x) Voice & Remote Meeting
  • (2x) Email Contact Coaching
  • Standard Price - $ 176
  • Package Price - $ 149
  • SAVE - $ 27
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1 VRM + 3 ECC


  • (1x) Voice & Remote Meeting
  • (3x) Email Contact Coaching
  • Standard Price - $ 146
  • Package Price - $ 129
  • SAVE - $ 17
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Feel free to drop in any queries, feedback or suggestions.

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